Drug Crime Defense

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Jacksonville Drug Crime Attorneys / Possession, Sale, Trafficking, Cultivation

The Drug Crime lawyers at the Law Offices of Ronald E. Sholes in Jacksonville represent clients on a wide range of Florida drug charges, ranging from possession of illegal drugs, controlled substance and prescription drugs to the sale, distribution, trafficking, or cultivation of cocaine, marijuana, hydrocodone, xanaxx, ecstacy, oxycodone, oxycontin or methamphetamine. To learn more about our drug crime attorney's ability to provide effective representation to you for any one of the many Florida drug crime charges, contact us for a free consultation.

We represent clients accused of possession, sale or trafficking illegal drugs and controlled substances, such as:

  •  Marijuana
  •  Heroin
  •  Hydrocodone
  •  Percodone
  •  Methamphetamine
  •  Xanaxx
  •  Demerol
  •  Oxycontin
  •  Cocaine and cocaine base

We Strive to Lessen Penalties and Reduce Charges

While developing your defense strategy, we show you exactly what punishment you face based on the substance involved, the quantity involved, and your prior record. Because Florida drug crime penalties are generally based on the State sentencing guidelines, we take your presumptive sentence on the charges as actually filed as a starting point, and go to work toward the best resolution possible. If we can convince the prosecutor to reduce the charges, or if we can get the judge to disregard any prior conviction, the difference in your exposure to criminal penalties will be significant.

In some cases, we can achieve a dismissal of all charges based on problems with the arrest, the execution of a search warrant, the administration of a highway checkpoint, or other defects that undermine your constitutional rights or the integrity of the criminal justice system. In other cases, we can explore the possibility of diverting your case into Drug Court or another pretrial intervention that can result in the eventual dismissal of your case.

Whether you are charged with prescription fraud or manufacturing methamphetamine, our firm can help you avoid the worst consequences of conviction, and can take your case to trial if necessary.

For additional information about our ability to represent you in defense of drug crime charges, contact a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer at the Law Offices of Ronald E. Sholes.

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