Domestic Violence Defense

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Florida Domestic Violence and Spousal Abuse Defense

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Ronald E. Sholes in Jacksonville represent persons facing charges of domestic violence, violation of a domestic violence injunction, or charges of stalking or intimidating conduct. For information about our ability to help with your specific situation, contact one of our criminal defense lawyers for a free consultation.

Although most domestic battery cases are charged as misdemeanors, there are situations where the case can be charged as a felony. these include:

  • Battery on a pregnant woman
  • Battery on an elderly person
  • Battery resulting in serious bodily harm
  • Repeat offenses involving the same victim
  • Repeat violations of a domestic violation injunction

Most domestic violence defense situations arise in one of three ways: an arrest at the scene of an alleged domestic assault, an application for an injunction for protection against domestic violence without notice to the person accused of the violent behavior, or an alleged violation of a valid domestic violence injunction. Our lawyers can handle any of these three situations.

When a person seeks an injunction for protection against a person alleged to have committed actual violence, or to have made credible threats of violence, a judge will usually issue the injunction if the allegations seem more likely than not to be true. This is a much easier burden of proof to meet than the "guilt beyond a reasonable doubt" standard used in the criminal courts. If issued, the injunction remains in effect for 15 days. Within that time, the person accused of domestic violence will have the chance to apply for relief from the injunction or to prevent it from being extended. Our attorneys can help you present your side of the story to keep the injunction from being continued, which can have serious consequences for persons involved in divorce or child custody cases.

We also represent persons charged with the criminal offense of violating a domestic violence injunction. the prosecutor bears the burden of proving every element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt, and our investigation and presentation of the facts in your favor can help protect you from criminal liability.

For a free consultation about our ability to help you overcome any spousal abuse or domestic violence charge, contact the Law Offices of Ronald E. Sholes in Jacksonville.

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