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For AGGRESSIVE representation on DUI charges of any kind in Florida, contact the Law Offices of Ronald E. Sholes.  We understand Winning is everything to You!  We don't just "plea you out" We Fight to Beat Your DUI Charge.  We aggressively defend DUI clients from Tampa to Jacksonville and everywhere in between, including Gainesville, Orange Park, St. Augustine, Orlando, Palatka, Starke, Macclenney, Lake City, Fernandina, Daytona and Ocala, including all other cities located in Duval County, St. Johns County, Nassau County, Orange County, Hillsborough County, Marion County, Lake County, Bradford County, Baker County, Putnam County, Alachua County, Columbia County, Volusia County, Brevard County, Seminole County, Levy County, and Lake County.  Simply put, WE GO WHERE YOU NEED US TO GO!  

DUI defense attorneys Ron Sholes, and Garry Crews take DUI Defense SERIOUSLY and FIGHT DUI charges.  When you hire us you hire a DUI TEAM.  We also have an "in-house" investigator that will travel to the scene of your stop and field sobriety exercises, among other investigation.  We strongly believe that our training, experience and expertise will give you the best chance at beating your Florida DUI charge.  We have the experience and technical knowledge that can make the decisive difference in the defense of difficult drunk driving charges. Ron has successfully completed the Field Sobriety Instructor certification course which is an intensive course designed to teach Law Enforcement Instructors how to train DUI Enforcement Officers in the administration and evaluation of field sobriety exercises!  Our investigator is also qualified in the administration and evaluation of field sobriety exercises, having completed the same course of instruction as DUI Enforcement Officers have completed.  Finally, Garry is a former prosecutor who has prosecuted hundreds of misdemeanor and felony DUI's which brings a unique "prosecutor perspective" to our Team! We also pride ourselves on keeping up with all the latest developments in the area of DUI Defense, attending seminars and training events throughout the country (not simply local seminars) which are taught by some of the most renowned DUI Attorneys EVER! 

Our familiarity with the constitutional defenses relating to reasonable suspicion of drunk driving, probable cause to stop your vehicle or place you under arrest, or the permissibility of the checkpoint where you were stopped, can help you avoid the charge before your blood alcohol reading even becomes an issue of evidence.  therefore, regardless of what you may have blown, we still may be able to get your DUI reduced or dismissed!


the attorneys at the Law Offices of Ronald E. Sholes also can help you protect your driver's license, even in cases where you face an implied consent violation for refusing to provide a blood or breath test or you have blown over the legal limit of .08.  

You ONLY have ten days after a DUI arrest  to request a hearing on the suspension of your license, and our familiarity with this process can help you present your strongest case in favor of retaining your right to drive.

We represent first offense DUI defendants, juvenile DUI defendants, and persons facing serious charges of repeat DUI and felony DUI. We make a careful analysis of your entire driving record, criminal history, and applicable professional licensing considerations to make sure that we understand how a DUI conviction will affect you personally, and then we make sure that this mitigation is part of our case in getting your charges reduced or dismissed.  But, remember, State Attorneys do not simply reduce DUI charges because someone will face a hardship, we have to punch holes in the State's case or otherwise demonstrate to them where their weaknesses are at before they'll consider a reduction.  

To benefit from the advice and courtroom representation of defense lawyers who have emphasized DUI as an essential focus of our practice, contact the Law Offices of Ronald E. Sholes in Jacksonville.

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