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The attorneys at "the Law Offices of Ron Sholes P.A." are involved in numerous legal organizations throughout the Southeast and the United States. Our involvement allows our attorneys to have input on the laws as they affect our clients. Our attorneys pride themselves in keeping abreast of the constant changes in the law. A partial list of the organizations follow:

Florida State Bar Association

A guardian for the integrity of the legal profession, the Florida Bar is the statewide professional organization of lawyers. It serves as an advocate and intermediary for attorneys, the court and the public. Headquartered in Tallahassee, the Bar was established as a unified state bar by rule of the Supreme Court of Florida. Membership in the Florida Bar is necessary component of Supreme Court regulations for all lawyers to be licensed to practice law in Florida. the foundation for the organization is built on a philosophy of equity and ethics "to inculcate in its members the principles of duty and service to the public, to improve the administration of justice, and to advance the science of jurisprudence." Through its programs and services, the Bar supports this philosophy with four pillars that function as the mission of the Florida Bar: Providing public service, protecting rights, promoting professionalism and pursuing justice.

Like many organizations, the Florida Bar had a very modest beginning. Over the years and through the efforts of many dedicated and hardworking individuals, the Bar has grown into the prestigious and thriving organization that it is today.

the first recorded history of the Bar in Florida dates back to 1889 when a small, voluntary group of Florida lawyers united for the common interest of their profession. This group formed the foundation for what would become the Florida State Bar Association in 1907.

In the summer of 1949, the Supreme Court of Florida agreed to form a unified bar. As a result, the Florida State Bar Association met for the last time in April 1950. Its members shortened the name to "the Florida Bar." the 3,758 lawyers in Florida automatically became members of the Florida Bar that same year.

Today, the Florida Bar is the third largest unified bar in the United States and continues to serve its members, as well as the public.

Michigan State Bar Association (MSBA)

The Michigan State Bar Association aids in promoting improvements in the administration of justice and advancements in jurisprudence, in improving relations between the legal professions and the public, and in promoting in interest of the legal profession in this State.

The Michigan State Bar Foundation provides leadership and grants to improve access for all to the justice system, including support for civil legal aid to the poor, law - related education, and conflict resolution, the Michigan State Bar Foundation was established in 1947 by lawyers and judges to help the legal profession meet its responsibilities to the public. Since then, the Foundation has made more then 400 grants totaling over $65 million to educate the public about the importance of the rule of law, train young people in peaceful conflict resolution and assist those in need with critical civil legal services.

The Foundation receives funds for its grant programs from a variety of public and private sources. Legal aid grants are funded primarily by the IOLTA (Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts) program and certain state court filing fees allocated for civil legal aid to the poor. the Foundation also receives generous private donations to support its program of public service, including contributions to the Access to Justice Campaign, and the Fellows of the Michigan State Bar Foundation.

The Foundation was established in 1947 in recognition of the legal profession's responsibilities to the public. Since then, the Foundation has made more then $42 million in grants to support the civil legal aid to the poor and improve the administration of justice in Michigan. the mission of the Foundation is to provide leadership and funding to improve the justice system by:

1. Improving access to justice for all, particularly through civil legal aid for the poor and through expansion of the provider system and the resources to improve that system, and

2. Improving public understanding about the law, the importance of the rule of law and peaceful resolution of disputes through education, research and publicity.

Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (FACDL)

The Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, based in Tallahassee, regulates the functioning of criminal acts in Florida. Founded in 1988, it has nearly 1,500 members. Its mission statement, according to its official website, lists five important objectives, of which two are of great importance to consumers. they are: "To improve the criminal justice system at the judicial, legislative and executive levels" and "To promote the protection of the rights of individuals." FACDL is the state organ of the National Association Criminal Defense Lawyers, whose Official website is

American Bar Association

The American Bar Association is the largest voluntary professional association in the world. With more than 400,000 members, the ABA provides law school accreditation, continuing legal education, information about the law, programs to assist lawyers and judges in their work, and initiatives to improve the legal system for the public.

The ABA strives to provide its members with knowledge and tools needed to expand their careers. From ABA sponsored workshops, meetings, seminars and CLE sessions to the widest variety of respected and up-to-date publications, dedication to helping members advance in their career and the legal profession.

The ABA was founded on August 21, 1878, in Saratoga Springs, New York, by 100 lawyers from 21 states. the legal profession as we know it today barely existed at that time. Lawyers were generally sole practitioners who trained under a system of apprenticeships. there was no national code for ethics; there was no national organization to serve as a forum for discussion of the increasingly intricate issues involved in legal practice. the first ABA constitution, which is still substantially the character of the association, defined the purpose of the ABA as being for "the advancement of the science of jurisprudence, the promotion of the administration of justice and uniformity of legislation throughout the country..." Today, the stated mission of the American Bar Association is "to be the national representative of the legal profession, serving the public and the profession by promoting justice, professional excellence and respect for the law."

The eleven (11) goals of the association are:

1. To promote improvement in the American system of justice.

2. To promote meaningful access to legal representation and the American system of justice for all persons regardless of their economic or social condition.

3. To provide ongoing leadership in improving the law to serve the changing needs of society

4. To increase public understanding and respect for the law, the legal process and the role of the legal profession.

5. To achieve the highest standards of professionalism, competence and ethical conduct.

6. To serve as the nation representative of the legal profession.

7. To provide benefits, programs and services which promote professional growth and enhance the quality of life of the members.

8. To advance the rule of law in the world.

9. To promote full and equal participation in the legal profession as a common calling and its dedication to public service.

10. To preserve the independence of the legal profession and the judiciary as fundamental to a free society.

11. To preserve the independence of the legal profession and the judiciary as fundamental to a free society.

Federal Bar Association

The Federal Bar Association is an income tax exempt organization, founded in 1920.
the purpose of the FBA is:

1. To serve as the national representative of the Federal legal profession.

2. To promote the sound administration of justice;

3. To enhance the professional growth and development of members of the Federal legal profession.

4. To promote high standards of professional competence and ethical conduct in the Federal legal profession.

5. To promote the welfare of attorneys and judges employed by the Government of the United States.

6. To provide meaningful service for the welfare and benefits of the members of the Association.

7. To provide quality education programs to the Federal legal profession and public.

8. To keep members informed of developments in their respective fields of interest.

9. To keep members informed of the affairs of the Association, to encourage their involvement in its activities, and to provide members opportunities to assume leadership roles;

10. To promote professional and social interaction among members of the Federal legal professions the professional organization for private and government lawyers and judges involved in federal practice, the FBA has offered an unmatched array or leadership opportunities and services for more then 80 years.

the FBA website provides a wealth of constantly updated information for its members, attorneys and judges from all over the country. the FBA gives its 16,000 members a chance to meet at regional and national conferences, become active in informed discussion of substantive law issues, assume leadership positions at the local and national level, and network with other professionals in the field of federal law.

Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA)

The Association of Trial Lawyers of America was founded in 1946. the ATLA is the largest trial bar association in the United States and it primary focus is on fighting for fairness and justice for clients. the ATLA not only supports the law of the present, but also encourages the research of the law for the future.

National Association Of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL)

The National Association of Criminal Lawyers (NACDL) is the preeminent organization in the future United States advancing the mission of the nation's criminal defense lawyers to ensure justice and due process for persons accused of crime of other misconduct. A professional bar association founded in 1958, NACDL has more than 11,000 direct members and 82 state, local, and international affiliate organizations with another 28,000 members including private criminal defense lawyers, public defenders, active U.S. military defense counsel, law professors and judges committed to preserving fairness within "America's criminal justice system."

National Motorist Association

Founded in 1982, the National Motorists Association advocates, represents and protects the interest of North American motorists. they are the organization that promoted federal legislation which eliminated the 55 mph National Maximum Speed Limit in 1995.

the National Motorist Association Objectives are:

•  To guarantee the retention of your individual rights when using public streets, roads, and highways.

•  To support traffic laws based on sound engineering criteria and public consensus.

•  To protect the right to won and use the kinds of vehicles you prefer.

•  To support improved driver training and education.

•  To oppose speed traps and other traffic enforcement measures carried out for revenue-generation purposes.

the National Motorists Association is funded through membership dues contributed by individuals, families, and small businesses.

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